Welcome to my place! I’m Lauren – an author, homeschooler, and Christ follower.  When I’m not over at The Doubling Project documenting my family’s journey through the world of picking and flipping, I’m here . . . writing . . . teaching . . . collecting–on a quest to dwell on whatever is lovely. My middle-grade books are a fun hobby of sorts–full of lavish gardens, gifted inventors, and devious wolves existing in an underground world!  And for those of the more grown-up persuasion, I’m working on something very dear to my heart. It is my hope you will find this new work A Lovely Place to Dwella place where hardships turn into humor and macarons turn into, uh . . . well, I don’t have a clever alliteration to go with macarons–they’re just important. That’s all you need to know . . . for now.                                   

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Praise for Orlo: The Created!

Lauren H. Brandenburg has done it again with Orlo: The Created! As a Christian music artist, I meet families from all over the world—I consistently see a need for safe, clean stories with a strong faith theme that both children and the family can enjoy. As with her first series, the Books of Orlo promise to be a solution to this need! – Danny Gokey, Christian Performing Artist and American Idol Finalist


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