Chapter 10: Fall

Chapter template copyIt was a brisk, fall day. The leaves fell freely through the cold autumn air. Mrs. Lauren was on a picnic with her family getting ideas for her next book. As they walked down the path, they noticed a small cave. The top was covered with bright, radiant leaves. A small trickle of water flowed down the side of the rock, reflecting the light. As they entered the cave’s opening, the brown leather bag that hung from her shoulder to her waist began to feel heavy in the cave’s cold air.

Suddenly, as a tear fell down her face, Mrs. Lauren cried, “The bag! It’s gone!” The one of a kind leather bag had disappeared from her shoulder. She could not believe it! The bag had disappeared with all the work she had done. Her children, Kensington, and Jackson—Kensi and Jack for short—tried hard to comfort her, but nothing worked.Document16 copy

As they hugged her, they noticed her necklace was gone as well. “Mom your heart-shaped bronze necklace . . . it’s gone,” Kensi said with a frown on her face. They hesitantly left the cave to finish their picnic and then return home.

To their surprise, when they returned, there lying on her bed, was the lightly colored leather bag with all of her ideas and more! Resting on top of the bag was her necklace. Another tear dripped down her face; she was so happy. The sand in the bag shifted again, leaving behind the mystery of the cave, her necklace and the story ideas . . . but not Mrs. Lauren Brandenburg.

Document15 copyMrs. Brandenburg looked around. Everything looked oddly familiar. She studied the small brick house with the blue door. It was her childhood home! I haven’t been here in over twenty-eight years. All around her, children were running around in brightly colored costumes. Curious, she examined her own clothing. I’m dressed as Amelia Earhart! The leather bag hung from her shoulder, but instead of hitting at the waist as it usually did, it touched the ground. I’m a child! She quickly opened the bag to make sure that her stories were safe, but instead of her laptop and files of papers, the bag was full of candy.

The sand shifted once again, planting Mrs. Brandenburg and the bag during a time of starvation in Plymouth when there was nothing to eat. Dressed as a pilgrim, Mrs. Brandenburg watched as the men went out hunting for food, but brought back almost nothing. She could see that they had planned a feast with the Indians to make peace, but she knew if the Indians saw there was nothing, they might attack. On her third day in Plymouth, the men went out once more. When they returned, their arms were full of the turkeys they had shot. Everyone gave thanks to God and feasted with the Indians the very next day. There was one problem . . . Mrs. Brandenburg was stuck in Plymouth.Document17 copy


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