Chapter 7: Shorts

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Courage In a Bag

By Harper

Once upon a time there was a bag. During a peculiar season for the bag, it found itself traveling . . . more like teleporting . . . to the library every day. On one of the bag’s daily trips, it met a bashful young pig by the name of Olivia. Olivia thought the bag looked incredibly lonely sitting by itself at the base of the bookshelf. So, she scooped it up and decided to use it to carry her stack of library books. The grand size of the bag gave Olivia great confidenolivia copyce–confidence enough that because of her love of books, she began to frequent book conferences across the country where she discussed her favorite series, The Bobbsey Twins. Until finally, with the bag hanging across her chest, the once dreadfully shy Olivia boarded a plane to Europe where she would give her first speech as the foremost expert on The Bobbsey Twins.



By Gideon

Once upon a time there was a bag. Every day the bag would travel around the world looking for a new owner—someone who would love it, care for it, and find it useful. One day the bag landed in the home of an excited new writer. The bag knew, at least for a while, that it and the writer would be become the greatest of friends. The writer took the bag with her everywhere she went with htower copyer stories of an ordinary boy named Boone stored safety inside. Because of that, the bag traveled to conferences and book signings across the country. Until one day, the bag caught a glimpse of someone new—a man sitting alone at a table looking at a photograph of the Eiffel Tower. The bag knew right away that this man needed him. Leaving its contents stacked neatly on the table by the new writer, the bag vanished and reappeared at the feet of Frank—a musician on his way to his first solo performance in Paris.

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