Chapter 9: Back to School

images template copyAfter a much needed vacation on the island, the bag was whisked away to a one-room country schoolhouse, Bouchie School, where it sat in on a class taught by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The bag was only there for a few minutes before it was whisked into a dangerous future.Schoolhouse copy

Bang! Bang! Bang! The shots rang out in the distance! The bag had time traveled to World War Two and was hiding with a girl of age 12; her name was Marie. She was a Jew hiding from Hitler and his terrible Nazis! She kept all her precious schoolbooks along with her brother’s schoolbooks in the bag. At night she would go to a secret school a couple blocks away with her two brothers—Nathaniel and David. At night when they arrived at school, they lit little candles for they didn’t want to get the Nazis’ attention. But one night they heard a loud knock on the door, and then a loud voice. “By order of Hitler let us in!” And then they burst through the door! But the bag time traveled before anything happened; it couldn’t bear to watch.

10 copyThe bag appeared at just the right time. Moses knew the Father would provide. He had just finished writing on the stone tablets and was beginning to wonder how he would get them to his people at the bottom of Mount Sinai when the bag showed up at his feet. Moses dumped what papers had been left by its previous user and placed the tablets inside. When he got to the bottom of the mountain, the bag ripped, and the tablets broke. Moses removed the shattered pieces and trudged up the mountain again, leaving the bag behind.

The bag shifted again to a Girl Scout meeting in 1971 and landed in a pile of broken household items. The girl scouts were fixing the items. One girl named Sarah picked up the bag and began to sew the hole in the bottom. Sarah took the bag home, but she could not find it when she got there. The bag shifted sands again. There was an old man living next to a little girl’s cottage in the town of Ban Rona. She was told not to ever go over there, but she always wanted to see what was in the mysterious yard. One day her mom was running to the store, so she peeked in the backyard and found Janner Igiby filling the bag full of books to take to Guildling Hall. But the bag never made it to Guildling Hall; instead it found itself in Hogwarts watching Gryffindor play Slytherin in Quiditch. Sadly, the bag did not get to see Gryffindor win.Hogwarts copy

It was the first day of the 2016 Shanan co-op school year. Following lunch, it was time for Writing I, Lauren H. Brandenburg had prepared for the class the entire week. The bag’s new owner, Lauren H. Brandenburg, entered into her Writing 1 class. She showed the class her beautiful brown leather bag, laid it on the floor beside her, removed from it her sparkly rimmed binder, and placed it on the table in front of her. She turned to the board and started writing. Taking a deep breath, with a smile on her face, she said strongly, “There is no homework!” The whole class was so happy that there was on homework. She took another deep breath and began to teach all of the principles of writing. The Writing 2 class was just as excited to hear the news that there was no homework that week.Me copy

The first day of co-op is usually the most exhausting for the teachers. Relieved, but fulfilled, Lauren put her teaching materials back into the bag, gathered her two kiddos, took a minute to enjoy being out of the class, and then carried her belongings (including the bag) to her car. Then next thing she knew . . .

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