The Death of Mungo Blackwell


What do a flea market, camper vans, and macarons have in common?

My latest work in progress!  It is one of my lovely places . . . a piece that has evolved from an extremely unique and rather bizarre bit of family history into a tale of realistic and . . . um . . . urh . . . extraordinary proportions.

It is a glimpse into my own story, laced with humor, truth, and a quest for simplicity. This one is for the big kids . . . the grown-ups. I’m not stepping away from my first love (the children’s books), I’m just making room for something new. 

When will I release it?  Well, I’m taking a new approach with this one. I’ve learned a lot about the publishing process and have decided to go about it a bit differently. It may be a while, but at least for me, it will be worth the wait!

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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

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