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As a former teacher, I understand the value of time and planning. I am happy to work with teachers to create a starting point for creative writing that ties into a current or planned lesson. I like to encourage writing by diving into the imagination of young writers through open discussion and demonstration. By the end of the presentation, the class will have created a basis for which to begin writing their own piece of fiction.  

Presentation Length

5 to 10 minutes for introduction

30 to 45 minutes for presentation and class interaction

10 to 15 minutes for question/answer (last part of class)

Size/Grade Class

4th Grade and Up

Prefer to work with individual classes


(Please choose one per class)

Lauren’s World

A simple question-answer format on inspiration, education, and all things related to (and sometimes unrelated) to Lauren’s world of writing and publication. Students are encouraged to have thought about their questions prior to Lauren’s arrival. This is a fun and personal way for Lauren to connect with her readers!

Twisted History

 There is a place where fact meets fiction. Learn how to effectively weave historical elements into a piece of fiction by looking at some of the bizarre locations and people in our culture. (Area 51, Harry Houdini, Winchester Mystery Mansion, Ignatius L. Donnelly, the Coral Castle etc.) We will discuss local urban legends, folktales, and contemporary fiction to find the truth behind the fiction. By the end, each student will have the beginnings to write a piece of twisted history.

*NOTE TO TEACHER – works well with a unit on research or historical fiction

 Creator of Worlds

As writers, we have the ability to create worlds outside of our own, but how do we make them believable? Students will combine reality with imagination to create a world unlike any other. They will discuss the importance of time, mood, location, and geography. This includes a discussion on genre and the ability to create unique writing by crossing the boundaries of setting and genre. (Ex: a science fiction story that takes place in the old west).

Character Creator

It is not always easy to create believable characters in unbelievable worlds. We will dig into all aspects of characterization from their physical appearance to their motivation in order to create a character worth writing about. We will also discuss the importance of secondary characters, characterization etiquette, and language.

From Flat Line to Plot Line

Bring your writing to life! Students will learn how to combine the elements of character, plot, and setting to create the basis for their story. Students will also learn how to use imagery and detail to enhance the believability and uniqueness of their story.


Please e-mail me as cost will vary on location.


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