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There are so many wonderful writing curriculums available to the homeschool community, however finding the right one can be tricky. As an author, creative writing teacher, and homeschool mom, I wanted something that would instill confidence in my writers. I believe that no idea is a bad idea (as long as it lands in the moral boundaries of your family) . . . someone out there thought a sponge wearing pants was a good idea, and C.S. Lewis once said that from childhood his thoughts were consumed with a faun carrying an umbrella. I wanted more focus on creativity. I wanted my writers to feel a sense of accomplishment when they turned in their final draft. I wanted them to have clear expectations. So, I pulled from my years as a public school English teacher, concepts I had learned and put into practice as an author, pieces of curriculums I found effective, and a large dose of my own imagination to create The Engaged Writer.

This is the curriculum I use in my home and with the writing students in our homeschooling co-op. The two levels (Writing I and Writing II) are a constant work in progress as I tweak, add, and delete. I would love your feedback (show me grace), suggestions, and victories. PLEASE feel open to comment below and ask questions. Thank you for trusting me with your writer! – Lauren

UPDATE: This year I am super excited to teach Cover Story and One Year Adventure Novel to the middle school and high school students in our homeschool co-op! Want to see how I’m organizing my school year? Click HERE!


The Engaged Writer 

Writing I – Designed for the new writer. Writing I challenges the writer to write three paragraphs—3 to 5  sentences each. (4th/5th Grade*) Note: All workbook pages are included in the curriculum. (Click images below to download or print.)

Writing II – Writing II reviews the basic concepts of Writing I, using new concepts to enhance his or her writing. Writing II challenges the writer to write five paragraphs—3 to 5 sentences each. (5th/6th Grade*)  Note: All workbook pages are included in the curriculum. (Click images below to download or print.)

NOTE: If you are unsure as to which track to follow, start with Writing I. If you feel your writer is able (without frustration) to do more, add in the topics of Writing II. *Grade levels are flexible. I have used The Engaged Writer with writers ranging from 3rd to 8th Grade.

Do you co-op?

Are you planning to use The Engaged Writer in your homeschool tutorial or co-op? Feel free to have a look at my class syllabus! Prompts and vocabulary are available for FREE download below!

Writing 1
Writing 2

Prompts & Vocabulary

FREE Downloadable Author Biography Worksheet for your young writer!

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