Fact or Fiction?

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Lauren is a ninja.

Fiction – I wish! How cool would that be! I do have a black belt in Taekwondo that I got before I had my daughter. I have often thought about going back and working on my second degree.

Lauren is a homeschool mom.

Fact – Yep! I love homeschool! I wasn’t homeschooled myself and used to say that I would NEVER homeschool my children…who wants a weird homeschool kid (just kidding, my kiddos are totally normal!)

Lauren wrote Boone: The Ordinary as a stand-alone novel.

Fact – It’s hard to believe that I originally planned to stop after book one – I am SO glad I didn’t! The Ordinary is just the beginning of many great adventures!

Lauren has always lived in Nashville, TN.

Fiction – Nope! I grew up in Georgetown, KY. Boone fans – that should sound familiar to you. Boone and I actually went to the same junior high. We moved to Nashville in December 2013.

Lauren has always been a writer.

Fiction – Before I was a mommy, I was an 8th, 9th, and 11th grade English teacher. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgetown College. In college I wrote a few short stories, but nothing long until 2010 – I don’t plan on stopping!

Lauren’s brother is the illustrator of the Boone books.

Fact – Jordan Crawford is my baby brother. He serves in the United States Navy, and in his spare time becomes the doodling hand of Boone Tackett. He’s sometimes over seas – prayers are always welcome!

Lauren believes chocolate should be one of the major food group.

Fact – Fact! Fact! Fact! Chocolate is my most favorite…especially if it is dark (but no nuts, please!), and if it has a little red pepper tossed in.  Mexican hot chocolate=YUM!


Have a question, some fact or fictions about me of your own? Please put them in the comment box below! I can’t wait to respond!

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